Sometimes we make things so much difficult only because we don’t know the right solution. But it really important to look at things with fresh eyes. You will be surprised how fast your life will change. Moreover, we are always here to help you with our genius life-changing hacks.
If your wood furniture is looking a little beat up after years iron it with water and a paper towel. It evens out indents on wood furniture, making them disappear almost entirely.
Learn how to remove wax from the table - place a sheet of a tissue over the spot. Iron slowly over the tissue. Wax will absorb onto the tissue and out of the carpet.
After watching this video, you will use a drill like a pro! You can use it to clean the house and even the bathroom. You gonna love our crazy drill hacks!
No need to panic if someone spills red wine on your white shirt, tablecloth, or other washable fabric just use dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and warm water. Clean the stain with a kitchen sponge.
If you need to quickly remove a sticker from a wooden furniture, use baking soda and cooking oil.
If your toothbrush is too old, reuse it! You may use it to clean your toilet, bathroom or even for your hair! Moreover, here is a collection of beauty hacks that will totally ease your life: shape your eyebrows perfectly using tweezers, what to do with oily skin, how to use Vaseline for your eyelashes, what to do if you don’t have enough contouring brushes.
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00:34 Reuse plastic bottles
02:02 Unexpected uses of toothbrushes
03:55 Useful makeup hacks
07:00 Get rid of red wine stains

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