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We have many ways in which you can help. There are some examples to the right of which you can choose. Don't feel limited to these selections. You can be creative in the way you would like to help.

When making a donation, please click the "Donation" button below. Then you will need to put in the amount and whether it is a monthly or one-time donation. Then type in the comment section what you would like your donation to be used for from the selection on the right or your creative choice.

Monthly Help Options – Christian Covenant School

Provide Breakfast and Lunch for a student           $10 per month

Sponsor a child for a school year                             $10 per month

Sponsor a class (Student Supplies)                          $20 per month

Donate a laptop computer                                        $20 per month

Teachers Salary                                                            $75 per month

Monthly Help Options – Ayankofa Eco-Village

Water Storage Supplies                                              $10 per month

Garden Supplies                                                          $15 per month

Poultry Supplies                                                           $20 per month

Solar Energy                                                                  $25 per month

Land Expansion                                                            $50 per month

Monthly Help Options – Women First

Annual Health Exam                                                    $ 5 per month

Health Insurance                                                          $10 per month

Education Assistance                                                   $20 per month

Business Start-up Micro Financing                            $25 per month

Single Mom Day Care / School Assistance                $50 per month

Super Woman Advocate                                             $100 per month

Free Clinic – Building Fund

Bronze Helper                                                              $10 per month

Silver Helper                                                                 $25 per month

Gold Helper                                                                   $50 per month

Platinum Helper                                                           $100 per month

Junior-Senior High School – Trade Scool Building Fund

Junior Helper                                                                 $10 per month

Senior Helper                                                                $25 per month

Trades-person                                                               $50 per month

Super Hero                                                                    $100 per month


All donations are greatly appreciated and are used wisely! 

Thank you for your help!

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